Saturday, July 3, 2010

See & Spell Review

It has been 1 week today since I received this toy in the mail. I started this toy out with my 5yr old son first. with in 2 days he could spell all of the words with out looking. At the same time I let my 3yr old son play with it 6 days later he could spell some of the words without looking. All of my children have played with this toy my daughter(8) spells out words for her brother(6) to read back to her.

I love this toy it is a great educational tool for a child that is about to start school it is a fun way to learn letters and words. This toy comes with 8 double sided puzzles that have 3 and 4 letter words on them everything fits into a wooden box. My only problem is that everything keeps falling out I really wish that at least the letters were covered. All in All this is a great learning toy for Children of all ages

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This toy was given to me from Ebeanstalk as a gift in return for an honest review

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