Thursday, September 2, 2010

YOU Changed My Life

This book was given to me from booksneeze in return for my honest opinion.

First I have to say that Max Lucado is my new favorite author I love the way he puts words on paper. AMAZING

YOU Changed my life a small 188 page book packed with "stories of real people with remarkable hearts". This will be an amazing gift for that person in your life that has been there for you at some point. Most of these stories are a page maybe 2 but the are full of emotion I read this book within a couple of hours could not put it down. Yes it made me cry a few times. Each chapter is broken down by how their life was changed Love,Kindness,Commitment,Compassion,Hope,Courage,Wisdom,and Friendship This was a great book and I cant wait for my next Lucado read

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