Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ebeanstalk website review

I really enjoy the ebeanstalk website its very easy to use and find what you need. This site breaks their toys down by age from baby to age 12 its so easy to find that special toy for a certain age of the child. I have 5 children and when I looked on this site I was looking to see if the toys were truly what they would like for their age and yes they were and that did surprise me because most of the time they are not. I picked a toy for each of my children that was in their age and asked them if they would like it and they all wanted the one from their age group

I also like that on this site it keeps track of birthdays so that way I wont miss one love that option.

Grandparents central is also a great option that someone can use. You can get the Grandparents which is filled with Tips, Tricks, Advice, and Deals.

Sometimes its hard to pick out the best toys for your children. Ebeanstalk helps you find the perfect one. You can search for baby toys and kids toys for all ages. You can go to toddler toys and sort by the specific needs of your toddler. You can even arrange their toys by gender or category to make sure you find just what you are looking for! They have a team of moms around the country that test out all the toys with their kids, so you will always know you are getting the very best. Check it out for yourself!

This was an easy site to use and I cant wait to see what toy they come out with next
Check out their webstie for yourself Ebeanstalk

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